The Piano Ensemble Festival is a free concert presented annually by FLMF in the winter season.  Students learn duet or trio music and rehearse with a partner. 12-18 students perform the duets or trios in ensemble fashion on 6 grand pianos (provided by The Piano Company of Leesburg) at a local high school. The concert generally has around 200 participating students and 15-20 participating teachers. Frank Conlon of Washington, DC conducts the concert and sectional rehearsals the day of the concert.  Teachers conduct sectional rehearsals 2-3 weeks prior to the concert at local music stores. Teachers are responsible for teaching, conducting, rehearsing, and other assigned duties related to the production of this huge event.  All teachers are expected to help if they have participating students.  Fee for pianists to enter is $30.  Fee for vocalists and all other instrumentalists is $10.  Music selections are made by a committee (any interested and willing teachers!) around 9 months prior to the event.  Music is ordered and made available to participating teachers at the time of the registration period in the fall.


Concert Date:   Saturday, February 18 at 7:00 at John Champe High School

Concert Snow Date:  Saturday, February 25 at 7:00 at John Champe High School

Sectional Rehearsals:  Saturday, January 21 at The Piano Express, 20608 Gordon Park Square, #190, Ashburn, VA  20147

Sectional Rehearsals Snow Date:  Saturday, January 28 at The Piano Express

1st Rehearsal Schedule

2nd Rehearsal Schedule