Annual Registration Fee

♩  An annual registration fee of $50 per student (maximum $75 per family) confirms a time slot. This fee offsets the costs of recital venue, piano tunings, teacher workshops/memberships, and rewards/incentives. Some basic music may be covered in this fee, but most music is not and will be billed separately.  This fee is non-refundable and non-negotiable.

♩  Payments may be made via cash, check PayPal, Venmo or Square (pending).

Tuition Payments

♩  Tuition covers lessons given for the nine months from September to May, following the LCPS calendar.

♩  Summer lessons and check-ups are billed on an a-la-carte basis, unless you have signed up for the full-year plan.

♩  Tuition covers not only the contact time spent with the student, but also the time spent in preparation for the student.  Each student is scheduled for a specific time slot and your payment reserves that time slot.

♩  Payments may be made via cash, check PayPal, Venmo or Square (pending).


Types of Lessons Offered

♪  At the teacher's home studio

♪  At your home (teacher travels to you)

♪  Partner/group - priced according to situation

♪  A-La-Carte


 Sickness / Cancellations / Make-up Policy

♭  If your child is sick, please do not bring them to piano lessons.  

♮  If they have a mild cold or a sickness  where they can function but should remain home, a Facetime lesson is a great solution, and should be utilized!

♭  I will allow two make ups per year for sickness.  If your child is sick frequently, perhaps a piano break should be considered.

♭  For reasons other than sudden sickness, a minimum of 24 hours notice is needed, and make-ups are scheduled based on the availability and discretion of the teacher.

♭   If a student must miss a lesson, they should have every confidence that the teacher will spend their allotted time planning for the student's success and the tuition for that time will not wasted.

♭  Forgetting is Forfeiting! 

Last Minute Lesson Changes

♫ If you will not make it to your lesson on time, please do not ask me to change the lesson time to accommodate you.  

I will be waiting at the piano. 

♫ I will not go over your allotted time if you are late.

♫ Facetime me quickly if necessary.


♯  Parental involvement is vital to your child's continued musical development.  Daily practice is expected for students of all levels, otherwise you will not be getting the maximum value out of your lessons or our time.  Practicing within the first 24 hours after a lesson is essential in order to successfully reinforce new material which was covered in the lesson.