Annual Registration Fee

♩  Your annual registration confirms your time slot. This fee offsets the costs of recital venue, piano tunings, teacher workshops/memberships, and rewards/incentives. Some music is be covered in this fee; for certain events music is not covered and will be billed separately.  This fee is non-refundable and non-negotiable.

Tuition Payments

♩  Tuition covers thirty (30)lessons given for the nine months from September to May, following the LCPS calendar.

♩  Tuition covers not only the contact time spent with the student, but also the time spent in preparation for the student.  Each student is scheduled for a specific time slot and your payment reserves that time slot.


Make-up Policy

♩  You are being charged for thirty (30) lessons throughout the school year, although thirty-two (32) lessons are actually scheduled.  Because your tuition pays for a particular time slot, no make-ups will be offered.



♭  If your child is sick, please do not bring them to piano lessons.  

♮  If they have a mild cold or a sickness  where they can function but should remain home, please contact me for a Facetime lesson.


Cancellations / Last Minute Lesson Changes

♭   If a student must miss a lesson, they should have every confidence that the teacher will spend their allotted time planning for the student's success and the tuition for that time will not wasted.

♭  Forgetting is Forfeiting! 

♫ If you will not make it to your lesson on time, please do not ask me to change the lesson time to accommodate you.  

I will be waiting at the piano.

♫ I will not go over your allotted time if you are late.

♫ Facetime me quickly if necessary.

Practicing -  Is IMPORTANT!

Practicing Each Day = Lots of Progress!

Practicing 3x a Week = Some Progress...

Practicing 1x or 2x a Week = Zero Progress, Just Maintenance

Zero Practicing = Zero Progress and Regression!

♯  Parental involvement is vital to your child's continued musical development.  

♯  Practicing within the first 24 hours after a lesson is essential in order to successfully reinforce new material which was covered in the lesson.