2019 - 2020 Tuition and Fees

Annual Registration Fee
Registration fees in this studio are used to offset certain costs such as recital venue, piano tunings, teacher workshops/memberships, and rewards/incentives. Some basic music may be covered in this fee, but most music is not and will be billed separately.  This fee is non-refundable and non-negotiable.
$50 before any lessons($75 maximum per family)

Early Start Option (recommended!)
Begin lessons in mid-August, and your one month tuition fee (for August) will include two additional August lessons PLUS your annual registration.  This will save money and can also be a time to assess and prepare for the year ahead! 

Annual Registration Fee for adult students

$30 before any lessons

In-Studio Tuition

Time Frame
Perfect For:
Full Time - 30 minute lessons
Thirty (30) lessons from September through May, following the LCPS calendar
Beginners through intermediate students
 meets most weeks except for LCPS holidays and studio off days
 $215 for two children
Two lessons per month - 40 minute lessons

Two lessons per month from September through May

Late teens to Adult students only
A-la-carte 30 minute lesson, per lesson

Students who cannot commit to any of the other options, yet want to continue piano and have a more flexible cancellation policy.
$70 for two children

In Studio tuition also covers two complimentary 15 minute in person checkups,

a harpsichord workshop, festival and recital preparation group rehearsals.

Travel Tuition

Thirty minute lessons
Thirty minute lessons - two students
A-la-carte thirty minute lesson, per lesson

Travel tuition covers each student receiving two complimentary Facetime checkups,

 a harpsichord workshop, festival and recital preparation group rehearsals.

Optional Items

Other Optional Item
Reston / Ashby Ponds recital registration
Spring Festival registration
Holiday play-a-thon
FLMF Ensemble Festival registration (music is additional)