Fairfax Loudoun Music Fellowship (FLMF)

An association of music teachers offering music lessons and music instruction in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. Members offer music lessons for Loudoun and Fairfax County families in piano, violin, viola, strings, cello, clarinet, French horn, voice, flute, and more. FLMF students have several non-competitive performance opportunities throughout the year.  

The Piano Ensemble Festival is their our largest and most popular event – since 1986. Over 200 students perform each year on acoustic pianos, accompanied by instrumentalists, under the direction of a conductor.

Fairfax Loudoun Music Fellowship
2016 Piano Festival Video

What is best:  a keyboard, digital piano or a piano?

In our opinion, it goes in this order:

1)   A well-tuned and well-kept piano

2)   A digital piano

3)   A full-size (88-key) keyboard with weighted keys and a pedal

4)   A smaller keyboard that is not touch-sensitive and does not have 88 keys or a pedal.

Honestly, the first two options typically work well for teaching, the third option will get a student by for 2-4 years, and the last option often ends up in frustration for the student, parents and teacher.  Most students that begin on keyboards but do not upgrade to a full-size instrument quit after roughly two years of lessons.  Those keyboards will hold students back, and stunt their musical growth.

Resources for Buying a Piano

 Piano Craft

One of the best piano restoration workshops in the country, call to set up an appointment to see their high quality restored pianos, and also some new ones.  Ask for a tour and an explanation of the restoration craft.




Rick Jones Piano

A great store to browse for used pianos, mostly Kawai and Yamaha.  Talk to Rick himself, or simply browse and play with no pressure.  

Rick Jones Piano



The Piano Company

The local store if you are looking for a new piano!  The Piano Company has been very generous in their support of time, space and resources for the annual FLMF Piano Ensemble Festival.

The Piano Company